Tuesday, February 17, 2009

R.I.P. Grandpa

Finally, my grandpa has passed away after so much torture.
I used to stay with my grandparents when i was a little girl.
Few years later, my parents bought a house and we moved out from there.
There was a long period i didn't care about my grandparents (my dad's side) as they liked to scold people.
For example, if you cook something, and you bring some to let them try, they would say, "@#$%, why you bring food to me? are you trying to grab something from me? "
What a sad thing, just wanna make him happy but ended up like this.
So, i tried my best 'avoid' to go to my grandparents' place unless some special occasions.

About 1 week before CNY, my mum told me that grandpa was in the hospital. He was very very sicked. So i went to visit him after reaching JB. He was so skinny and his leg was wrapped by a thick layer of bandage. I dont know how to describe his leg. You could see all dead cells had turned white in colour. Just like cooked meat. My heart was so painful to see that.

10.2.09 He's dead after chap ngo meh (The last day of CNY). I went back with my cousin. I saw him lying in the coffin. Just couldn't stop my tears. I lost him forever and i got no chance to call him again.

On the other hand, i am glad that i am getting closer and closer to my cousins, my uncles and my aunts. Never thought that we can chat for so long. They're quite nice actually and they're good to me, too.

Cherish your family and be good to them. Once they're gone, it's useless to do anything. No matter how loud you cry , they will never come back to you again.

I am proud to be a little part of Lim family.


  1. erm..
    wat do u mean "@#$%, why you bring food to me? are you trying to grab something from me? " when u try 2 bring food to em?

    doesnt make sense..
    tink u need to clarify a bit..

  2. I understand that..!
    I think it means..
    "*bad words*, why did you bring food for me? are you trying to take advantage from me?"

    anyway, carol.. love this post.
    absolutely correcT! i know i bad lar! come only like 4 mths later.

    hehehe!! take k!